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Hi there,

As 2021 is beginning with a new lockdown, I’ve been thinking about what I enjoy the most in my freelance career as a translator and media analyst: no doubt about it, it’s the variety of topics I’ve been handling for the past 10 years! I know my peers share this satisfaction because it gives us a great feeling of wearing a different hat with every new project. Yesterday I delivered a B2B website translation; today I’m analysing media coverage of a premium spirits project; tomorrow I’ll be working on some beauty press releases… For each project, I leverage my existing knowledge and curiosity, and I learn so much in the process!

That said, I can’t deny that some topics are more exciting than others.

So here’s my business wish for 2021! I‘d like to work on one of the following topics, whether as a French translator or analyst: gender equality (yup, it’s 2021 and we’re still struggling with this) and/or positive body image (I may be a great freelancer, but I am also a great mum – or that’s what I tell myself 😉 – and I believe we have a duty to educate our children on this issue).

I won’t go into the (fantastic?) progress we’ve made in the past decades or the results that still need to be achieved on gender equality. On the topic of body-positive thinking, I’d just like to share one of my favourite Instagram accounts with you. Hilarious Australian Celeste Barber parodies top models and adds brilliant ironic comments, showing not only how great it feels when you don’t take yourself too seriously, but also that the world out there is full of normal people and (very) normal bodies. And I like exploring this (pretty serious) matter with my two teenagers this way.

And you? Do you believe that humour can be a useful way to explore certain issues? Who are the people that inspire you this way? What makes you smile, even on rainy days?

Many thanks to Catherine Salbashian for reviewing this post. One may think one is skilled in English, but Proofreading by a native English speaker is key to achieving perfectly fluent copy!
(For French, you can still count on me 😉)

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