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When you’re about to assign a project to someone, it’s nice to know more about the potential business partner who will be handling your translation or media analysis project.

Well, this is me!


I’m Myrtille Montaud,

and I’ve been in the translation and media analysis industries since 2011.

As a freelance native French translator, freelance media analyst and marketing specialist, I help companies and private customers leave their mark on the French-speaking market and to go beyond the borders of communication.

Key things you need to know:


English > French
Italian > French

Media analysis:
I easily work on English, Italian and French media

Professional facts:

Freelance translator and media analyst, 2011 - present
Marketing brand & product manager, 2005 -2011
MSc in Management and Marketing

Major translation & interpreting projects:

Main media analysis sectors


  • Multicultural beginnings

    I grew up in Lyon, France, the third-largest city in France, but second to none in terms of beauty.

    I spent my college years between studies and internships in France, Germany and Italy.

  • A professional marketer’s life

    In 2005, as an EM Lyon Business School graduate with a Master of Science in Management and Marketing, I moved to Italy. During the next six years, I enjoyed working in the marketing departments of companies from various sectors: beauty, food, watches & jewels.

  • From corporate employee to business owner

    In 2011, I felt the need to challenge myself with a new professional (and personal) project: build my own business that would grow, one (s)mile at a time, together with my family and reach the target I set over the years.

    As a freelance translator and media analyst, I became a friendly collaborator assisting clients in their language and communication needs by smoothing the process as much as possible. Juggling my love for words and multi-cultural projects with my marketing and analytical skills, my understanding of business needs, my innate curiosity and my passion for art, I always guarantee excellence.

    In addition to English and Italian, I also speak German but translate only on rare occasions.

  • Unchartered territories and stepping out of my comfort zone

    Not one of us can be defined exclusively by his or her work experience.

    Let me tell you a little bit more about myself: In 2015, after 25 years of suffering from a terror of water, I discovered “by chance” that swimming could be a pleasure. My daughter challenged me to do it, and I obliged!

    I attended swimming lessons to improve my technique and further fight my fear.

    Three years later, I took part in my first open water swimming adventures and races to overcome this phobia. And nothing can stop me now! I am not afraid of new challenges or feeling out of my comfort zone, and I encourage people around me to take on new challenges every day.


Besides swimming, which I have been practicing with such joy, I believe that:

Finally, together with my husband, who is Italian, we grow our two kids through the joy and the challenges of a double culture. We also have a lazy cat, but that’s another story.

Would you like to work with me?