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We can work together on:

Translation and transcreation from English into French and from Italian into French

Marketing / Corporate communication / E-training / Websites & apps / Art

Proofreading and review of texts translated from English or Italian into French

Or originally written in French

Reliable, friendly and discrete interpreting service in Italian and French

Meetings / Business lunches / Site visits / Interviews

Efficient, customer-oriented analysis of your media coverage in English, French and Italian

Online articles / Offline articles / Broadcast / Social media


Whether you are looking to boost your brand, promote an art exhibition or expand your website within the French market, I’d be happy to convey your values to your audience through an accurate and creative translation. I’ll make your words *sparkle* in French too!

Each sector, each company, each product or initiative has its own specificities.

I will do all it takes to grab any detail behind your words and convey it perfectly and beautifully in French.

My areas of expertise?

I draw from my former professional experiences and my personal interests:

Marketing, corporate communication, e-training and websites in various fields, such as beauty, fashion, food, tourism and B2B. By translating art-related texts, I nurture and cultivate a passion.

Do you need a translation in another field?

Ask me for a (free) quote! Life is made of challenges and my curiosity and years of experience help me to quickly assess if I can accept a project and deliver a flawless translation. If not, I will be able to refer you to a trusted colleague.


When your headline, brochure or print ad needs a certain “je ne sais quoi” with a combination of creativity and cultural awareness, I will switch to French transcreation mode. I will recreate your text to make sure the style and tone fit with the French culture and engage your readers.

Texts I enjoy translating and transcreating:


As you put your best efforts and passion into writing your text, it is only fair to require a flawless result in the French translation too.

We all know that to “err” is human, and so it goes when you write and publish a text. But readers may not be patient enough to forgive some mistakes.

Here comes the proofreading phase: after having your text translated into French, proofreading is THE way to ensure the result will be just perfect – without typos, grammatical errors and unclear terminology.

A native-sounding French text is the best way to forge confidence and convey reliability to your French readers, make them want to know more and to buy your products or services.

From minor corrections to major text metamorphoses, I will be happy to review and correct your French text or translation, so that it reflects your business best.


Liaison interpreting is a spoken act of translation.

During a liaison interpreting assignment, the interpreter provides a “live” translation of your speech or conversation, to ease your meeting, business lunch or visit to a customer or business partner.

I am pleased to offer a friendly and discrete liaison interpreting service in Italian – French.


If you are an Account Manager in a communication firm and are looking for a freelance media analyst to track media coverage of your client’s products or services, I can help!

I can take care of your quantitative and qualitative research on traditional and social media, and eventually produce media evaluation reports.

Since 2013, I have had the pleasure to collaborate as a freelance media analyst with major communication firms on projects in different fields, such as:

Wines, Spirits and Champagne, Pharmaceuticals, Food, Automotive, International Diplomacy, Public Healthcare …

Thanks to my MSc in Marketing and my professional experience within marketing departments of various companies, from Henkel to L’Oréal and Cadbury, I understand your needs and I know what’s at stake while analysing media coverage about a brand or an initiative.

I use my analytical and numerical skills to deliver accurate, reliable and highly workable analyses and reports.

If you’re looking for a friendly and organised marketing analyst, send me an email and let’s discuss your media analysis needs.



Due to the confidentiality of projects I run for translation
and communication agencies, this is a selection of translations I performed.