Have you got a text in English or in Italian that you wish to translate into French?


"Each language sees the world in a different way"
said once Federico Fellini in an interview to the New York Times.
Translating is not only a matter of matching the right words.
It is more about conveying efficiently your message into another culture.

So I would say the aim of translation is ensuring accurate and efficient communication.

My services:

Creative translation & proofreading: press releases, lealflets, advertising, market studies

Technical translation & proofreading: instruction manuals, product information

Magazines & literature translation
: articles and mini-books

My fields of expertise:

My translation specialties are based on my professional background. I mainly work with texts that  deal with the consumer markets I used to work on, such as watches, jewels, food, cosmetics, and tourism markets.

I also translated 3 books about the Renaissance, the Romanticism and the 1991-2010 era.

Myrtille Montaud - Freelance translator - Intracommunitary VAT REG number: IT07579960969

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